Photography consists of three valuable aspects of my life: bonds of family and friends, the beautiful outdoors, and supporting my community. Each photograph represents how I view my surroundings through the lens of my camera. Light, shadows, and color are transformed into images that I hope will spread joy, invoke emotion, and tell a story for you to carry with you through your life's journey.

Hello, I'm Lisa.

I am a former teacher who always had a passion for photography. I chose to fully focus on my kids when my daughter was born, so I left my teaching career to focus on my family. In 2016, I was diagnosed with MS, which completely flipped my world upside down. With the help from my family, friends, and community, and a lot of hard work, I was able to regain much of what I had physically lost. I love and appreciate all the little moments more than ever. Now that my kids are older, diving into a photography career has allowed me to capture all those precious moments to look back on and enjoy forever.

When I think of family, I also think of my community and how much love and support it provides. I enjoy getting to know and collaborating with local businesses to highlight what they bring to the community. I am so grateful to be able to partner with my fellow small business owners and provide a service that can help promote and expand their businesses.

I cannot wait to work with you!

I have geared my business into three main types of photography. I couldn't choose just one, because I love them all!

The first being families and everything families encompass: maternity, newborn to first birthday, children, senior, couples, whichever stage your family is in or type of occasion you are celebrating. Being a mom, I know how time seems to be flying by! It's a phrase I hear all the time, but it is so true! Looking back at pictures revives all those moments and brings them closer to my heart. Freezing time in a photograph to look back on for years to come is priceless and a treasured piece of your family's history to have for generations.

The second is landscape and nature due to my love for traveling and the outdoors. The adventure of being outside on top of waves of ice on the beautiful Lake Michigan in the winter, capturing a gorgeous sunset is so exhilarating! Surrounding myself with nature, whether that's a sunrise over Lake Superior at Pictured Rocks, an alpaca at a local farm, flowers in a garden, a Hawaiin sunset on a beach, on a boat on the Thornapple River, or a skyline of downtown Grand Rapids, is when I find my serenity and peace that I hope to share from my lens to your heart.

The third is commercial and event photography due to my appreciation and encouraging nature of my community. Sharing meaningful moments from an event or capturing the essence of a local business through product and branding photography. Photographs can help tell the story and educate the community about what makes their business awesome and I love promoting all those good vibes a business brings.


I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and, most importantly, a mom of two awesome kids! I love serving my community, creating art, travel, animals, game nights, coffee outings, and having adventures with my family.